Crunchy Jamrul Pea Salad/ Water Apple and Pea Salad in Mint Vinegrette

Every Travel brings several stories, a few new terms added to my vocabulary, a few new culinary introductions, many new kitchen secrets learnt.

My Kolkata Trip, brought me so many new facts about Bengali food, which till then was just about sondesh, fish and rice to me.

This is how travelling broadens your thinking. I usually travel on foot, while in a new city so that I do not miss what the city holds for me in its true local snese.

While in kolkata, we compulsively had to walk our way to the Kapaliswar Temple from the parking, and while on our way each and every cart, shop, kept me busy, so as to what all would go in my shopping bag, on our way back.

How I found this fruit while in kolkata..

These while shiny pear shaped yet small fruits/ vegetables, caught my attention very late, while I was busy feeding myself some Guava off that cart.

Jambrul, carrot and pea salad

When I enquired about it from people standing at the cart, they just said this is a local fruit, which can be had raw. This gave me the confidence to pick and bite in to it. I found it crunchy, juicy, and none of the flavours were overpowering. I at once got some packed for myself to be brought back to delhi, and all this while I kept thinking as to how I would use it, instead of just biting it away.

The exciting thing was that I completely forgot, so as to what it is called, and only thing I remebered was that the locals kept calling it as some apple.

And why I made this no cook quick recipe….

While it has a limited shelf life, so instead of hunting for it on Google, I planned to use it with other winter veggies, to bring myself a bowl of salad.  

The crunch from the java apple, the sweetness of peas, and the carrots just married well in my bowl, while the mint and lemon provided the much-required sourness. I liked the sprinkle of the red chili powder as a similar salad Maaji used to make with Kachri ( which is a salty melon, cucumber cross kind of veggie available in summers).

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Pea and Jambrul Salad
A crunchy, juicy salad with mint flavours,, perfect for a sunny afternoon.
Prep Time 10 Minutes
Cook Time 3-4 Minutes
Prep Time 10 Minutes
Cook Time 3-4 Minutes
  1. Wash Dice the Rose apple, Carrots.
  2. Soak the red onions in vinegar for while preparing other ingredients.
  3. Now Boil the peas in a pan in boiling water for 3-4 minutes, while they are still crunchy. Strain and cool.
  4. Now, mix mint leaves, coriander leaves and the chopped vegetables,onions and the vinegar togetherAnd toss, add chili powder, salt. Drizzle olive oil.
Recipe Notes

This is a simple salad with simple flavors. U can experiment with a creamy salad dressing.

Frozen Peas Can be used, Thaw and blanch them  before adding.

Pea salad with Jambul