Mulled Wine…….A Spiced Warm Glass of Wine

Mulled wine, the warm Glass of spiced wine, Is what I had years ago when it was our first winters after we returned from Chennai. It felt like First winters and super chilled, as we got used to the warmth of Chennai by then, And we were Invited for  a Christmas Crawl by Friends from The Delhi Chapter. They served this Warm drink In tiny glasses, and I Enjoyed every sip of the mulled wine served then. I had about four kinds of spice and liquor Combinations in a single night. Least did I realise that serving Mulled wine for Christmas Dinners was customary In colder Continents and Catholic Families. And every family has their own way to create it.

I learnt this one from my German Friend,  Bruni,  who first introduced me to this. And After learning the art of it, I try and play around with the spices.

I have tried using just apple and cinnamon which gives an amazing Christmas feel to it. But I have realised over many of attempts that this one recipe is very classic and safe, as it was loved by all every time I have made it.

I personally like the squeeze fresh fruit juice for it, as the packaged ones lead to a strange flavour, and if fresh fruit is available through the months when Mulled wine is made, then why not.

Its Christmas

Red wine is an appetiser, and when served mulled with spices, It enhances the Digestion, especially during the winter nights. A glass of hot Mulled wine is great accompaniment to Light salad kind of dinners. Or Have it just with a slice of warm cake to finish off the dinner.

This has not been a very popular drink here in Delhi, and lately it has caught fancy of many, at winter Lunches, and people around me have started relishing it against the traditional cocktails.

Mulled wine loses its flavours on Reheating and it is best made fresh and consumed fresh off the stove. One can store it in Thermal flasks for a party as it  cools down fast due to winter temperatures, and is best enjoyed warm to hot. never boil it once the wine is added as it damages the wine.

Addition of Rum makes it all the more soothing and adds warmth. One can choose to add Cognac, instead.

Do try it as This would surely add  some warmth to your hospitality, Or sip through it all by yourself to brave through the cold winter months.

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Mulled Wine
It is a spiced liquor, usually made by adding cinnamon, cloves, etc, especially with Wine, served warm. Fresh fruits, fruit juices are added to enhance flavour.
Course Drinks
Prep Time 10 Minutes
Cook Time 20-30 Minutes
Course Drinks
Prep Time 10 Minutes
Cook Time 20-30 Minutes
  1. Peel Oranges and Squeeze juice of these.
  2. Take zest of lemon.
  3. Now Add The orange juice, Peels, zest of lemon, and spices along with sugar in a pan, and allow to boil to make syrup. Boil for about 5-6 minutes.
  4. Now Add Wine and Rum just before it has to be served and allow to simmer only for 2-3 minutes. Do nOt bring to a rolling boil on high flame. Add Essence.
  5. Serve strained. add garnish of Orange peels, and Ginger Julienne.
Recipe Notes

There is no definite rule to the spices. One can play with flavours.

You can use bottled juice.

One can use apples instead of Oranges.

I like to use Kinnow as they have a peculiar sweetness to them especially around winter Months.

Never store mulled wine. Use it fresh.


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