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Hi! I am Ruchi Mittal and I am a certified holistic health practitioner, food blogger and a chef with a passion for food travels.

Hi! I am Ruchi Mittal and I am a certified holistic health practitioner, food blogger and a chef with a passion for food travels. I began my journey as a physician but my passion for baking soon took over and I started my own artisan style workshop ‘Muscovado Cakes N Chocolates’. With a successful eight years old venture in hand my soul was searching for more and soon the adventure junkie in me took over and I realized that I love to travel for food. And thus ‘Miles-n-Meals’ was born.

As a practitioner of Indian system of medicine I also like to research on the spices and local produce of any area while on a trip to understand the integrity of food with health.

Currently, I live in New Delhi, India with my two beautiful kids and a supportive husband who often make guest appearances on this blog…

I also conduct workshops for kids and adults, take up food consulting for menu and recipe design and organize culinary events.

Below is a list of all I do currently (you may also check my services page to learn how we can partner):


MilesnMeals is a food and travel lover’s blog cum shop. ‘Miles-n-Meals’ is all about my gastronomical journeys and the beautiful moments captured, along the way, while I travel for food. Through this blog I want you to explore the world of flavors, spices, food, cultures & a lot more! Here you’ll find tons of recipes with seasonal ingredients to help you nourish your body and your taste buds, along with tips on green living, kitchen gardening, recipe hacks, kitchen tools and local and seasonal ingredients.

Muscovado Cakes N Chocolates

Muscovado is an artisan style workshop setup where we strive to make a new masterpiece everyday and achieve smiles. We use the best quality ingredient, maintain hygienic conditions and time lines to create our precious pieces everyday. We offer bespoke services and are open to ideas presented by our patrons!! Gluten free and sugar free options are available ( on select things).

Baking Buddies

Baking Buddies is an offshoot of the baker in me and is popular for its Baking Events with kids, Baking parties, On field outdoor food cook outs.

Gourmet Galz

My club of foodies called Gourmet Galz, organises food walks and monthly meet ups over a lunch to explore the unexplored in the city and around, and this has enabled me to spread an awareness on food, ingredients, cultures, cuisines.

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Please contact me at or call +91 9560520606 to discuss partnership opportunities, feedback or just to say hello.

Welcome to my world!