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Foxtail millet lemon rice

The years while we grew the only millet we heard about was Bajra ( Pearl Millet).  Making a khichri, every winter was a tradition, and we would wonder what is that makes it so special. Realised only when started understanding the nuances of cooking, as the millets are poor man's grain, fills ...

Coffee and Fig Cake

Birthday celebrations with friends just add an extra pleasure into baking. Baking for friends and family is what makes me happy any day. My friends are not so demanding but they just call up for something different every time. I wonder that is enough of demands to keep me looking and find ideas on ...

Sattu/Sattu Drink recipe/ Sattu Benefits

Sattu is a poor man's meal. This saying is popular in Rural India, where Sattu is considered as a complete nutritious meal. Sattu is powdered black chana. It is high in proteins, fiber, and nutrients and the same time an excellent coolant. Sattu to me is an example of one ingredient which is ...