One Martini, Shaken not Stirred…………understand mixology, if u wish to enjoy the right cocktail

“One  Martini,  Shaken Not Stirred “

If James Bond could demand a Martini Shaken( much against the rules of mixology ), I believe we all can just do whatevr we feel like while we demand for that one glass of divine water, and our insta stories reflect that happiness, without any questions asked.

This  blog post is all about being smart about your Drink, and not just make it a smart insta post. Understanding  mixology, and trusting your mixologist  are two essentials, while you enjoy that ultomate drink at a new bar. A frequented place and familiar mixologists gives an edge to the place you head to for a weekend drink.

While the city has a surge of newly found love for posh drinking holes, and the city resto bars,  pubs,  lounges, boast of some of their in-house signature cocktails, the term Mixology quietly became the integral part of the drinking culture in the city.

This surge in creativity and care didn’t just impact bar menus. It created a demand for better product, first behind the bar and then from consumers themselves.

Our new age Mixologists keep  exploring new, or simply better, flavor profiles, new (or simply better) spirits and products were created to meet that demand, which is why “mixology” is actually pretty important if you care about spirits and cocktails. 

While a mixologist is not always to be mistaken with a just  well groomed, sassy person  manning the Bar, there is more to this term.

“A mixologist is an individual with a passion for combining elixirs and creating extraordinary cocktails, 

A Mixologist can be referred to as a cocktail designer, creatively prepares his own house made syrups, essences, and has an eye for detail, liquor, and other ingredients.

While I discuss my Mixology experiences, what I would like to share are a few basic points while choosing your drink, which are subject to acceptance. These rules more or less apply to the new found exciting option of make your own cocktail.

1. Chose your Liquor

Always try to stick to a spirit that suits you and You can handle, as the base of your cocktail.

So if u know its only whiskey and gin for u, more or less you know what u can opt for.

Always know the brand which u would like to be used for your Cocktail.

2. Know the classics

if you happen to frequent to the parties too often, as nothing can beat the charm of the Classic. Its as true as a Classic” Tall Dark Handsome”

3.Check on the options of chasers or modifier

Chose the modifier, an important element, that lends a  pleasant taste to that sip of sorrow, in a way that it agrees to your palate and goes well with your choice of spirit.

4. Ask for help

There is no harm in taking a few tips from the Mixologist, after all, you are not there for a Rocket launch, and that one perfect drink can be your ticket to a great weekend.

You can order the same drink in 100 different bars and get 100 different variations. Some bartenders may use a differnt brand of liquors. Some may use fresh juice vs. canned juice. Any variable could change the drink making it not your drink.

5.Know  your capacity

I had encountered many times SM asking me my capacity, and I would wonder if this a calculus exercise and should be really measured. So its all about drinking, and not getting drunk.. Keep a check on your basic senses of time, balance and hearing.

While all the  above is important It’s really not that Important

You are ordering a cocktail or you are making cocktails, not a safety gear for your Parasailing adventure, so who really gives a damn? The main task in hand when drinking cocktails are to have a fun time.

Location courtesy Liv Bar Nueva Decode La Roca Imperecto Tappa Unplugged Courtyard

Special Thanks to mixologists Sayanchan Jana.