La Roca, …Delhi’s first World Tapas Bar

Aerocity Delhi’s Happening food hub proudly nests Delhi’s first World Tapas in the World Mark One.

La Roca brings the concept of bringing the glimpse of culinary heritage from across the globe to the plate in Tapas form. Tapas as the word is derived from Spanish culture of small portions savory dishes served at a Bar.

Like the concept of Tapas in food, the name La Roca is also derived from the Spanish Word rock and the beautiful village La Roca near Barcelona, known for its luxurious shopping and dining experiences.


La Roca has brought the rock like interiors with a cave kind of ceiling along with the luxury fine dining experience Tapas style, a complete justice to its name.

La roca is designed with a beautiful rich feel interiors, with a perfect mix of lounge , bar and club kind of seating, and a beautiful Bar creating a focal point as you enter. Luxe  velvet, leather upholstery with accents in gold  finish, makes it look luxurious and  a treat for eyes, while you prepare  yourself for the Culinary extravaganza…..

While I was already wooed by the look and feel of the place, I always eagerly wait for the real magic to begin, as for me it is the  Food, which makes the actual impact.

The Nectar Bar

The Nectar Bar needs a special mention, for their in-house Infusions, which are developed, and created to give a true experience while dining and wining at La Roca. True to the name Nectar, these Infusions are as pure as nectar, as the cocktails created derive their colour, flavours, and uniqueness from the Nectars used.

Would love to mention  few unique infusions which elevated my experience about this  Unique Nectar Bar……


  A  Saffron Infused bourbon, with almond milk, and honey makes a medevial style Divine Nectar, which feels like drink for Gods, due to the use of Saffron as a garnish.

Signature Voilet Cocktail 

Lemon grass infused Honey water, is used with Blue tea, and kaffir lime, and peach Schnapps allows his Summery Cocktail stand out and a real favourite amongst us.

The Blue Fashioned

A homemade Blueberry balsamic syrup, basil bitters along with the spirit, gives a beautiful earthy masculine taste to this cocktail.

More about the Menu and Food

A well rubricated Menu with sections like Fresh, Dough, Fire, Umami, Saucy, Crunch makes the selection discrete and easy, at the same time not really so, as the menu is vast and keeps you engaged for a while if you are in an exploratory mood.

Chef Akshay Bharadwaj has curated a beautiful menu with the best of the dishes from across the globe,  justifying the grandeur of the place, high on flavours and keeps you in the right space of your culinary expedition, without filling you up.

From the Fresh Section Chef recommended A Burnt Carrot Salad, which was woody, yet summery with juicy roasted carrots, and greens.

From the Fire section, I chose to try the Sambal Olek Skewers, a perfect spice burst romancing with roasted Chicken on skewers and a peanut relish hard to resist.

Sambal Olek Skewers

Umami  is a a vast collection of Nigiris, and Sushis. What I liked about the Wasabi wrap up or the Spicy Avacado Nigiri and the special Enoki Nigiri, about which Chef Akshay Bharadwaj himself spoke at length while I experienced some of the best flavours which each piece of sushi or the Nigiri carried, due to careful selection of ingredient, the combination. I actually did not feel like using any of the sides.

Spicy Avacado Nigiri

Crunch  has selection of Meats and other roasts. The Madras Buttermilk Chicken leg with a mustard dip  was a dish with a  substantial bite, yet in a tapas style, which left me craving for more but It also left a scope of my next dish which was a complete stealer.

Madras Buttermilk Chicken Leg

From the Saucy section The Paposa Lamb Bruschetta Stew was a complete meal by itself. A large artisinal style breast loaf scooped and filled with Rustic country side style Lamb curry. The fact that it is Tingling my tatse buds even while I am mentioning about it, is enough to say that how delicious it is as a dish.

Paposa Lamb Bruschetta Stew

Chef Akshay Bharadwaj in a tete a tete explained how small measures of inhouse recipe development gives an edge to a simple dish like Enoki Nigiri.

“Chef Speaks” With Chef Akshay Bharadwaj

The dessert section, as my favourite, and I decided to explore Coco and Soil. when the dish arrived it appeared like an art form, trying to speak something, but was not very sure until I had my first bite. Complete Cocoa heaven, in each bite, deriving flavours from five different chocolate covertures from across the globe including Dolche, Gyounza , been used, ranging from 34 percent to 81 percent cocoa content. This one simple piece of art transformed into an ultimate nirvana.

La Roca is the favorite destination for teasing and treating yourself with the best of global food, in luxury.