Eat, Play And Connect @ Unlocked….A quirky mysterious hangout, One of its kind @32nd Avenue, Gurugram

In the busy world of Technology and Social media, how about staying Unlocked, Connected, Escaping into Fantasy. I think it’s a great way to unwind.

With Unlocked, opening its doors to  Gurugram at 32nd milestone, Sanjali Nirwani, the founder brings us a place, second of its kind in India. Unlocked is successfully been there in Ahmadabad for a while, and this is one of its kind in Gurugram.

About the founder

Herself being a traveler, or rather an explorer, her travel to Amsterdam and Barcelona, are main Inspirations behind the Idea of Unlocked. When asked where did she belong to, on a brief thought, she says, “I belong to everywhere”, with a smile.

About the place

Geometric Panels and walls

The concept of Unlocked is once you are here at Unlocked everything from the food, the board games, the escape room, helps you connect with the people you are with. The idea is to unlock the real world of togetherness.

The Design, the interiors, geometrical woodcuts are inspired by the Dutch artist  MC Escher. There is a bold play of geometry in the interiors,  is a way to tell a story through geometrical characters and unlock mysteries…..a perfect mix of modern graphics and Classic vintage in the Escape room.

More about the Escape Room

Escape a real-life gaming experience and a way to connect with the people u wanna spend time with.

Unravel the mystery of Princess Alexandra  Lionheart, who is said to travel to Indian in search of her Prince. Cursed by her lover, her Soul is still wondering in the basement escape room. Dare to get locked and unlock the clues, the hidden secrets, her black magic, and interweave them to complete the story of her revenge, in 60 minutes.

A collection of more than 100 Board Games

Unlocked has a selective collection of Board Games like Catan, Carcassone, Azul, which are a great idea to bring together a group of friends and families spending quality time. So all can put their Brains to work, while the hearts connect.

Signature Gamified Cocktail Menu

In the times when city and party-goers know their poison and are ready to experiment. The Unlocked team with Ace mixologist PG have created some unrivaled potations. Gamified to the core, the menu, does offer the classics, but the worthy ones are their twist on G & Ts and the signatures like Intervention and Muddlers of Catan.

The health watchers are equally taken care of with the cold press juices and the trending Kombucha on the menu.

The Food

The food menu is inspired by the founder travel across Europe. Keeping in sync with the present gastronomic trends, the menu is largely a cohesive collection of classic dishes and progressive preparations by in house team of chefs. The idea to bring the best to the table starts from the sourcing of best ingredients, and in house preparation of bread and sauces.

An Avacado Story, speaks about the love for the fruit with a separate selection of dishes made with the fruit.

The diners who are Indian at heart also get their share of comfort food like Biryani and Butter chicken, while those days of non-experimental moods can be satiated by simple club sandwich or fish and chips on the menu.

The Pooch Patio Menu completes the Family dining experience for the pooch parents. With this Unlocked makes it a plentiful experience for all.

What I handpicked from the menu that evening kept me busy, enjoying myself Unlocked.

The French Brie cheese and Caponata Vegetables, with its true Sicilian flavors, was my first comforting dish, which set the tone of the evening with the Red wine cordial and tonic water cocktail prepared by PG.

The  Smoked Salmon Fillet with capers, with balsamic and horseradish Cream created a perfect medley of flavors, a Classic combination of well-cured fillet, and the idea of introducing the horseradish cream( instead of the classic cream cheese ) made it apt as a choice of appetizer.

My Choice of mains was the Shakshuka as I was craving for one and when I saw it on the menu, it had to be the one.  Warm comforting tomatoey was just my kind of dish while, I had almost the whole of it, digging in My partners share of Grilled fish with lemon butter reduction. This one was a well coated grilled fish unlike the others I have seen with separated streaks of butter…..A fragrant large chunk of fish, with no after the heaviness of the lemon butter sauce.

As I tried all the classics, and I believe if the Classics are made well, The chef wins heart in no time.

And to complete the traditional tried The classic Apple cinnamon almond Pie, warm and gooey, which left me craving for a scoop of Ice cream alongside.

With an evening well spent at unlocked I now know one place in my city which I can without a doubt land in, with my bunch of people, and unlock my quality time with them.