Coffee is an Experience…At Kaffa Cerrado

Where each cup of Coffee is an experience.

 Kaffa Cerrado, Kaffa is another word for Coffee, and Cerrado , is the largest coffee cultivating area of the world, in tropical Savannah, Brazil. Kaffa Cerrado together makes an exclusive place for a first-hand coffee experience, for a seasoned coffee drinker, or an amateur secret admirer of that cappuccino cup.

Kaffa cerrado , is the brain Child of A Brother Sister Duo, and they bring the best of the coffee beans from across the globe, and a choice of brewing techniques, which are unique to the coffee culture in the city.

While the  Coffee admirers would be able to appreciate all that Kaffa Cerrado has to offer, any amateur coffee drinker, who are yet to move ahead of a cappuccino or a latte, would definitely find much to learn and admire coffee way more than ever before.

Each Cup of coffee You sip after your experience at Kaffa Cerrado, would be beyond those sips, it would be feeling the warmth through the cup, experiencing the aroma, realising the story behind the cup, and finally, the sip would be a culmination of some unsaid stories.

What is the difference between an Espresso and a Black coffee…

While both Espresso and Black coffee are forms of a Black Coffee, espresso is extracted from an espresso machine, where coffee, and water is fed in a certain quantity and temperature respectively, which in turn gives an espresso shot. A black coffee on the other hand is made in a manual apparatus, and can yield different intensity of black coffee liquor, depending on the apparatus used.

Kaffa Cerrado offers  Aeropress, Chemex, Siphon, Frenchpress, V60 pour over.  And as well as, you can enjoy a perfect shot of Espresso.

The beans used for the Brew and the method of brewing is what makes the difference with each cup. Kaffa Cerrado offers coffee beans from from Papua New Guinea, Kenya, Peru, Costa Rica and the many states in India. from Papua New Guinea, Kenya, Peru, Costa Rica and the many states in India. Its the dedicated research and study about the produce from various lands which gets you the best on the menu.

What brought me closer to choose a cup of black coffee was the Chemex method which extracts milder flavours of the beans, with a warm water poured over the coffee roast through a filter. Next time you hesitate to ask for a black coffee and yet find it classy to sip through a black coffee, do not hesitate to ask for milder form of black coffee  pour.

What are the equipments one can have at home to brew a perfect cup of coffee…

While the fancy and easy coffee making machines are readily available to get u a great cup every time, but one can start from a simple moka pot, to start experimenting with black coffee.

What is the difference between Instant cup of coffee and a brewed cup of coffee…

It’s like drinking tang vs freshly extracted orange juice. While Instant coffee is a very fine form of coffee which is quick, and has a standard way from and flavour, The brewed coffee has a larger scope of experiment, and flavours, and the way you wish to consume it.

My visit to Kaffa Cerrado and the conversation about coffee, brought  many new aspects about coffee to my limited knowledge book, and hence forth I am sure my cup of Coffee would bring that desired experience of Coffee drinking.

Kaffa Cerrado holds many workshops on subjects related to coffee brewing. Visit today, and experience that perfect Cup of Coffee.