Sanadige, a coastal treat in the capital

Sanadige”  has made its mark in the genre of Southern coastal Food and specialty Seafood. Located in the heart of the City in the posh diplomat area of Delhi, at Malcha Marg, amidst the lush green Delhi.

My trip to Sanadige is worth many mentions. And my review will be affected by my fanaticism about coastal food.  The only point for a clear victory would be if the place could bring me beyond I have had. Or if it would be better than what I have eaten so far in any of the Coastal specialty restaurants in Delhi.

And how Sanadige found another admirer is what my post about.

Grandeur is experienced as one steps into the restaurant, with its traditional temple style Carved wood doors, and brass lamps. That’s when I had my first tryst with the cultural richness of the place, building up the excitement as to how would the experience be.

This was also the answer to a curious look from my partner when he questioned how would someone know if we are heading for coastal food unless informed beforehand, as the name is rather strange to a Delhiite. 

Sanadige means large brass lamps, depictive of positivity, and Sanadige reflects this positivity with its expansive interiors where one can experience the sun rays shining across the three floors, and highlighting the murals of the wall across the three floors. The floors are accessible by an elevator. The place offers a well spaced out outdoor seating.

With the ambiance set just right, my curious eyes looked around to find a cosy corner and an intriguing menu to read through. Coastal food in Delhi is luxury, and at Sanadige, you are spoilt for choice.  The menu to my surprise had treated the Vegetarians choice with equal care.

The cutlery laid on the table in a rather formal setting. Brass plates and traditional glasses makes it all the more authentic with its appeal.

Special spices and specialty food

While conversing with the chef, and what makes Sanadige special, This is what he shared. The ingredients like spices and herbs are flown in weekly from their native region. The fish is brought in daily from its native land, the region of Karnataka. The food and the preparations boast of a complete spice trail. Each dish is promised to make you explore a new facet of the cuisine. Sanadige offers food from the western ghats of Maharastra, Mangalore, and Karnataka.


While one would not expect a large menu from coastal India, at Sanadige its not the case. What brought an instant smile was an extensive menu, celebrating the best of the ingredients from Coasts of western India…..With Kokum and coconut milk-based Sol Kadi, Sambaram, the tempered Buttermilk. A traditional appetising drink made of fennel,  jaggery, ginger, and tamarind(Yedde Munchi Panaka ) works perfectly for a dwindled appetite….and its delicious like how!!

Punar Poli ( another  Kokum drink) and The Elaneer Shunthi Neembukam  ( Lemon infused Coconut water)


Salads at Sanadige are also very well treated. The selection of salads from the region seems to be done with a lot of care.

Kosambari, the lentil salad on the menu, appealed me in the first read, And the one which I eventually settled after a bit of deliberation, Yeti Salad…The Prawn salad, with fennel and cinnamon, almost set my expectation for food really high. The freshness of the salad got me into a conversation with the chef. He explained how the fresh ingredients and spices are flown in every day from the native coastal region. The food completely reflected the secret of the best of the ingredients been used.


 Appetisers for vegetarians with Kaju Sannadige, the fried cashew in Curry leaves and the lotus stem stir-fried with  Curry leaves, ginger, and garlic, wins my choice as the corn in creamy garlic pepper sauce, from the coasts of Goa, is a bit of European style dish, which was good by itself but struggled to fit my palate preference for the day.

The  Prawns ( Yeti Kara Patta), the Anjal fry very typical Manglorean, delighted with its aroma of spices.

Malwani Mutton Masala Dry, a Maharashtrian delicacy, with the aroma of cloves, cardamom, and caraway, is a sure winner.

The Kori ghee roast, so flavorsome and the deep red hue from the Bedgi chilli, which might appear fierce, but just quietly lends its taste without being invasive. And that’s when I got introduced to the wonder Chili…From the Kanagapur region of Karnataka.


Another revelation for the evening was the beautiful and delicate, Ladyfish, the Rawas, which we enjoyed as a Rawas Curry with choice of bread like the Mangalore style Apam(which are thin and not too fermented), the Neer dosa, and the rice preparations like the regional Red rice, Moode, and Pundi (steamed rice and lentil preparations).  The Kundapuram Chicken is yet another local dish, rich with flavours and aroma of Kundapuri masala.

 Vegetarian Shallot curry, with a hint of jaggery and Puli( tamarind),is a palate pleaser, and so is the coconut Malabar stew.


Elaneer Payasam

Despite an elaborate lunch, desserts are just like what oxygen is to humans. Elaneer payasam, a coconut pudding, light yet mildly sweet, was a delight and a strong recommendation.  Do keep it on the list, even if u have to skip a dish or two if u have a sweet tooth.

Sanadige, marks itself as a true winner, in serving the best of the coastal food, with one of the finest ambiances, in the best of the locations. An experience that would make a patron in you, for everything they have to offer.