Indian Wine Day…..The third edition……..16 Nov’2019

The third Indian wine day celebrated across the country and also in London, on 16th November 2019. The event was graced by a strong partnership with The Lalit Suri Hospitality group, across various metro cities.

Venue Partners -The Lalit group of hotels

Mr. Keshav Suri, Executive Director of the Lalit Suri hospitality group, is himself a passionate crusader of Indian wines.

He has played a pivotal role,  in providing a platform, extending an opportunity to create an audience which patronises the premium quality Indian wines.

The Indian wine Guy- Mr. Subhash Arora

Our very own The Indian wine Guy who has selflessly carried the baton of faith for Indian wine Industry and created a niche for them, Cavaliere Mr Subhash Arora, President, Delhi wine club, Indian wine academy, in support of Indian wines, many of which are at par with the international wines, marks  this day as the celebration of triumph of faith in good indigenous wines, and the growing awareness for them. The awakening brought in the mindsets of consumers (which includes our Expat friends, attending the events,) where they have started to appreciate the Indian wines for their flavor profile and costs, much competitive at prices as compared to the international brands.

Charles, the French corporate Sommelier for the Lalit Group, himself endorses the Indian wines and believes that. He works constantly to bring forth some interesting brews from the finest vineyards of the country and unveil some hidden gems. All in all, it has given a wide chance to brew perfect chemistry amongst the Indian Wine producers, Hospitality Industry and the Common consumers.

 From throwing pop-ups, ahead of the event, with various wine producers to understand their product, its a sort of a teaser amongst the wine lovers, and the culmination of everything into many such events across the Country on the Wine Day is the real victory of all the efforts.

At one such evening at Baluchi Lalit Delhi, I happened to understand what goes into bringing a complete experience for The wine Day evening.

The wines for the Indian wine Day, Delhi

The Wine Day at Baluchi, these exquisite wines from the leading Indian Wine manufacturers were showcased…..

Sula Brut Tropical

York Sauvignon Blanc

Sula Didori Chardonnay

Fratelli Sette

York Arros

Fratelli Noi

The Degustation Menu

Pairing Indian food with the Indian wines is marrying to distinct profiles in the hope of a successful association and the chef at Baluchi left no stone unturned to bet their own standards from the past …Chef Anwar and his team made it a meal to remember.

The grub affair started with the elaborate Canape’ Bar

Savory sea salt Cookies topped with Chicken Tikka marinated in olive paste jaituni chicken tikka on Samundari namak Cookies...What a clever play of flavours from the  olives, incorporated into an Indian grilled chicken …and the salt cookies adds  a crisp snap.

Achari Masala Gosht Mousse… Mutton Raan cooked and served as a creamy mousse over a crisp masala toast creates a gourmet experience with each of that flavourful bite.

The vegetarian affair with the Puffed wheat crackers, filled with Cumin potato, and Tamarind pearls presented in a way that it uplifted the humble paani poori to a level to match the sophistication of the evening. 

The thepla ( gram flour thin soft breads) rolled up with pulled roasted raw mango and roasted pumpkin.

The section of food gave a perfect pairing to Sula Brut Tropicale, the pale coral bubbly, with bursts of passion fruit and peachy aromas, with a prolonged finish of red berries on the palate.

Pre starters

The refreshing Phulka Taco served with Smoked mushrooms, Feta, and an Onion relish, with its refreshing flavours and a mix of creaminess from the cheese and earthy mushrooms, gave a feel of countryside  luncheon on a sunny winter afternoon, paired beautifully with the complex yet  fresh tropical flavours from York Sauvignon Blanc

For the Starters

The whiff of the  Coastal breeze  brought in by the Goan spiced Tandoori Prawn, Served over the signature Bakarkhani from the Baluchi Kitchen, garnished with the lemon butter straws and the mustard cress, paired with the Sula Dindori Chardonnay,

Being a new entrant, completing the Dindori Trio from Sula, Dindori Chardonnay is expected to have garnered many fans this evening. Fermented in traditional Oak Barrels, Sula has managed to present a strong label, here to stay.

The mains

Arros is a reserve blend of Shiraz & Cabernet Sauvignon By York reserve  and  A Sangiovese Cabernet Sauvignon, the Fratelli Sette, a barrel-aged Red wine, were beautifully paired with the creamy layered Chicken, Chef’s take on Lasanagne  with Indian twist of Murgh tikka , With Achari Malai( Pickled Butter),Kasundi Cassava , and buttered  breads , Gilafi Kulcha and Pheni Parantha/ The Anjeer And akhrot ( Nutty ) Paneer roll in Mughlai curry for the herbivores.

Kuch Meetha ho jaye…Its dessert time

As always debated the Fruity Bubbly wines need a Spice note and a creamy dessert to go with.

The dessert and the Fratelli Noi served here served their individual purpose of bringing a sweet ending to a beautiful evening…

Noi means Us/We reflected a thank you note to all who participated and showed their love for IndianWines.

The Badaam halwa pie and the Rasgulla icecream….marked the festivity in the air, celebrating Indian wines, Just like we celebrate any other auspicious day….

Indian wine day has been successfully able to scale the popularity of Indian wines and bring the entire fraternity of wine producers, wine lovers under one roof.

Yes its a long way to go, before we stand high in the international markets, with world-class wines.

The steadfast  dedication of Indian Wine Guy Mr. Subhash Arora shall soon lead us to new heights with Indian wines served and accepted to the fullest of their potential.