DelWine Dinner….With Sula, the Indian Wines A prelude to the third Indian Wine Day

The Delhi wine club

Delhi wine Club has come a long way, under the guidance of The Indian wine guy, Mr Subhash Arora.

Soon we shall be celebrating The 3rd Indian wine day, showcasing some of the best wines from the Indian wine industry. Promoting the wine culture and bringing the right consumer attitude to the Indian wines has been the foremost task at Delwine.  In the process to curate an event like the upcoming India wine day, the task starts way ahead with the exploration of the new wines in India, showcased by the leading reserves and producers, new methods of processing and understanding the new wines and the one and the only person who is known to be able to take the bull by its horns is #theindianiwneguy Mr. Subhash Arora .  

Pop Up dinner ….@Baluchi, The Lalit

Our dinner at Baluchi last month was one of the many pop-ups organised by DWC, where the leading wine manufacturer Sula, showcased some classics, some new wines, and introduced all of us to what’s happening in the world of Sula…….

The Chef at Baluchi prepared a beautiful menu, along with the expert inputs from sommelier Donnadeu Charles, promised to pair well with the wines of the evening, and we eagerly waited for the mystery to unfold.

The curtain raiser for the Sula wines ….

Speaking about the wines by Sula, we got to taste the classics like Sauvignon blanc by Sula, which is prepared in the stainless steel tanks, and the new entrant theGrenache Rose by the brands new Label ” The Source“. The Grenache is a crisp wine, with no aging being done and from the stainless steel fermentation.

The New addition to the Dindori series after the Shiraz and the Viognier, the Dindori Chardonnay, made in French oak barrels, rich creamy is a great entrant to the Sula Lineage.

Next on the roll was  The Rasa Cabernet Sauvignon, a limited edition wine. Especially grown, hand-harvested, it undergoes a barrel fermentation for 16 months and aged in bottles for 6 months before being released in the market. a true collectors wine.

The dinner was wrapped up with the Brut Tropicale Rose, done in the traditional oak barrel method, the wine lovers shall soon get to taste the wine made with the new method, made with Charmat method, and promised to be more autolytic and fruit forward.

The Food menu for the evening

Speaking about the food pairing, the flaky masala Indian bread served while we savored the Sauvignon blanc, the shift to the richer food on the plate with the more intense wines being served, could just interweave the experience into a fine piece of art.

The paneer shaslik with the lime melon salsa or the Paneer Laung lata with tempered peas and Gucchi were well-curated and paired just perfect with the wines for the evening.

The desserts and the tropical rose wine  was a topic of debate, as The French serve The Rose with the desserts, but the Indian desserts are too heavy to do any justice to the petite Rose….but none the less, the Khurchan meetha with Dalchini crumble and the rose icecream was enjoyed without the rose being intrigued, and the discussions, conversations, kept the rhythm of the evening going.

Gear up for the Third Indian Wine Day’2019

I reckon,  if one can get to experience so much in just an evening with wines from one producer, One must reach out to the upcoming India wine day. As it promises the best of the collection been handpicked after many such Pop-ups and research, just to establish yet again that the Indian wine scene is on its way to a big makeover in the coming times ….