Local Global…Think Global, Act Local

Being  in Humayunpur for the first time and a building excitement while heading towards  Local Global

Delhi  known for its History Is now known as a food capital. With the evolution of the city in food space, several niche community pockets have developed into flourishing business and food hubs.

My recent trip to Local Global, turned out to be  a trip unveiling a beautiful little hub housing a Mini East India.

Negotiating the narrow streets while I was heading to the place I could see several joints offering Northeast Indian Cuisine, from Assam, Mizoram, Nagaland. Even the grocery shops were stacked with food items specifically catering to the need of the locals, and before my mind started to play with the idea that my evening tonight is gonna be an east Indian food gala, I was interrupted in by thoughts with a question that why the place has been named Local Global.

Chef Rahul , who was navigating us through to the place, promptly asked me to hold my queries till I reach the place.

About Local Global

Unpredictable unpretentious, tucked in a corner of Humayunpur, walkable from Deer park( where u can comfortably park your vehicle), the cafe looks like a modern age quirky cafe. I like how the inquisitiveness was building up, while I kept guessing what to expect from the meal that night.

P my friend arrived and while we were discussing the idea behind the cafe, I loved the simplicity with which she said that they wanted to cater a different menu with a mix of some local food ( Indian) and some Global yet familiar food, to suite to the taste of the immediate residents of the area.

The place is led by Chef Rahul who has an experience of working in best of the kitchens and have served the who’s who of the society, from political leaders to celebrities, and this is quite prevalent when u look at the menu.

Another mind behind the place is a super talented Pritisha, who wears many hats. She is an erstwhile Journalist, Now the Founder of Ink Monkey Media, and an awarded writer, and poet of all moods.

While Assam is her home town, and my first question to her was  if we get to taste a lot of local food from Assam, she smiled and asked me to wait and watch.

More about Food

And finally when we settled down and I could grab the menu, I had a smile on my face.

The menu has a lot of  global, yet very familiar dishes like Chicken wings , Prawn salt n pepper, and some that u would like to explore, on your next visit. At the same time very familiar desi dishes like Pao bhaji, make you feel at home, when U know least about the Food from North East, with delicacies of Pork on the menu.

While at Local Global, I stuck to the familiar versions of food from the menu, the challenge was if they could leave some memories for me to mention them in my conversation.

While the dishes succeeded to create that spot in my grey matter, and would love to leave much for you to explore.

Palak Patta chat, may sound super familiar was presented in Stacked manner, and leaves u wondering for a while , if u have actually recieved what you have asked for.

Palak Patta Chat

Dimsums, unlike the regional style ones ( popularly called momos)served all around the area, Chef Rahul decided to serve them as crystal dimsums in various variations of his own. To me, while we were dining, what caught Dimsums my attention, was a lady resident from nearby, came asking for their dimsums, and I was told that she is a regular customer, who gets these packed every other day. So if The chef is successful in attracting local to try their dimsums , while loads are sold around the streets, its a clear winner.

Head hunter Pao Bhaji …A head turner one… With a very unique way to bring out a killer dish, with skull-shaped Pao, which were soft when torn and the bhaji, full of traditional flavours and chunky vegetables, an Indian presentation of Ratatouille.

Head hunter Pao Bhaji

Chocolate mousse Puppy cake an artistic way of presenting a chocolate mousse, sheer skill full job, is their signature dessert.

A quirky cotton candy ball that arrived towards the end of the meal, brought a smile, probably from the child in me.

The cotton candy

Local Global sets one thing right, A place can certainly outshine if the food is taken well care of.