Del- Roseate House, Aerocity …..A luxury dining experience.

Del at Roseate House, Located at Aerocity, in the vicinity of the international airport of the capital, Is an All day Bistro with an alfresco and indoor dining space.


Minimalist decor, yet an expansive feel, makes it a comfortable space for 132 covers. Named after the Airport code of Delhi, the restaurant offers a lavish breakfast buffet, and dishes from across the globe, with the city IATA code mentioned against the region of origin for the guest.

A classy setting with open live kitchen, creates a unpretentious bistro feel.

Menu And Food

The menu has the best selection of dishes taken from cuisines, across the globe and the diners have the choice to treat their taste buds according to the mood.  

 While the options have French style onion soup, Mexican style chicken soup, I tried the following two.   
Tomatar Saar ( Indian style. tomato soup flavoured with India Spices and tamarind with chunks of tomatoes), and Cantonese style Wonton Mee with a clear base and fresh greens were superbly refreshing to commence the dinner. 

Appetisers Saw New Zealand  Lamb Chops, Prawns and Squash,  Confit Duck Leg.   Prawns were uniquely paired with squash puree and served with Mexican salsa. The dish stood out for for the pairings and perfectly seared Prawns.   The Confit of duck leg, surprised me as I ate one of the best Confit in Delhi here at Del, with the duck leg skin having a beautiful caramelization and crispiness, and tender falls apart meat beneath. A product of sheer excellence. Served with beetroot egg and poached Peach.

The mains have selections from Pan Indian including Biryani, European, Pastas n Risotto, and Asian. We decided to have tasted from all sections, so decided on Chungdi Malai on special recommendation from the chef. This was a mild prawn curry from Bengal, with creaminess from coconut and full of regional oomph.  

Tomato Risotto with Burrata

From the Pasta and Risotto section, chose to have the Tomato Risotto topped with Burrata, and was completely mesmerised by the melting away Burrata cheese on top of Risotto, with a beautiful crunch in each bite of the risotto. A Highly recommended dish for risotto lovers and vegetarian selection.

Grilled Salmon Served with Orzo and Kedgeree, and a sea bisque. A beautiful crisp skin served with a to die for beautiful flaky Salmon, and the rice flavoured and tossed with shrimps. To top it a sea bisque is served which gets all the flavours to rhyme with each other.

The desserts have a selection of Sorbets, But the Banana Caramel Ice cream left me asking for more as each bite was creamy with a chunk of banana and warm caramel. Sugarfree Green teaBrulee is a great option for weight watchers to satiate their sweet cravings.

Del is a place to dine in luxury, in one of the finest locations, a place one must visit to indulge in the best of food.