Litchi Cherry Mocktail Summer Xclusive


A summer party calls for some refreshing mocktail Ideas especially when You have some teetotalers on the list.  During Summers some great fruits which are naturally sweet and juicy, just perfect for a refreshing drink idea, are readily available. Litchi here in the north of India is seen in piles in markets but for a short window of about two months, and around the same time cherries also make a special appearance in summers.


Sweet litchi’s and a tart-sweet cherries make a great combination when mixed in the right proportions and served chilled, with just a hint of lemon.

Litchis are a bit tricky to eat as they are so juicy and with a huge stone in the center, Kids usually end up splashing juice and popping stones. If one wants to enjoy the fruit by itself and wish to avoid sticky fingers here’s my age-old ( read childhood ) Trick. Peel the tip of the fruit and pop the whole fruit squeezing it out from the bottom directly into your mouth, and once the flesh is dislodged, pop out the seed into a bowl. I know its a bit rustic, but yet a quite nonmessy way to enjoy these juicy pearly white fruits.

This mocktail, can be equally enjoyed by the cocktail lovers. Just  Add some white Rum and a dash of sparkling water to the base drink in the recipe and voila !! You are ready to please all equally.

Litchi Fruit

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Litchi Cherry Mocktail
It's a great fruity Mocktail which is naturally sweet.
Prep Time 10 Minutes
Prep Time 10 Minutes
  1. Grind litchis in a blender and strain to get about 1 cup of juice
  2. Add some cherries ( 2-3 ) and muddle. Add Lemon Juice
  3. Now fill Crushed ice to a glass. Top with Litchi Juice, Add a few whole cherries and serve garnished with Cherries.
Recipe Notes

You can use canned Litchi Juice.

You can use water to dilute the juice. I prefer the Ice to melt away and dilute the juice along with the consumption.


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