Publick Cafe ……Good Things Come in small packages…. .

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ayush Rastogi IIHM graduate, passionate about cooking since a very early age, well identified his skills and charted his own path, in the hospitality industry, in his own way.

Started his first venture Food On wheels, and soon took it to another level with the Publick Cafe. Where every thing is about his passion about food.

Publick Cafe is a true reflection of sincereity and truthfulness one’s own dreams and clear vision.


Publick cafe is located in a busy market lane of Malviya Nagar, and in the lane which is known for a plethora of food joints.( the detailed description will help me to take you to reference point while I speak about how Publick Cafe stands out amongst them )

No fancy set up at the face of it, completely changes your mind and the expectations starts building up when u enter the cafe, and look around to find thousands of testimonials from happy clients carefully pinned up on boards, struggling to find space but manage to seek attention.

No clutter, vertical green walls, an open counter, where we caught Ayush shaking up some delectable shakes for clients, happily greeted us, as he does to all the customers visiting the cafe.

Menu And Food

Publick serves, what is Favourite of masses, Indian, Continental, Oriental

But now the first question everyone might jump at is, then how is it any different ?

The menu at Publick is extensive but very familiar, and when the food comes to the table, the look and taste of everything is way above my  expectation. With each dish I wanted to see if it could excel the fondness created by the previous dish.

Paan FrappeA pleasant frappe, with subtle flavours of paan( the fragrant betle leaf), almost acted as Amouse Bouche ( not served as one though), leaving no heaviness behind.ours.

Watermelon Mojito, again left us completely refreshed ad it had freshness from fresh fruit, and no overpowering  flavours.

Mushroom Cappucino though sounds like a coffee, but is a bowl of delicious mushroom soup, topped with milk froth( I like the idea of milk froth instead of the heavy cream, making the soup, so light and enjoyable, even in setting summers)

Corn and Cheese Cigars Light filo filled with cheese and corn, classic yet classy.

Peshawari  Chicken Tikka , beats any tandoori chicken I have had till date, and set my taste buds on a roller coaster ride, even now, while I am mentioning about it. The aroma of the marinade just tantalise the senses, and the very first bite just made me forget everything. The flavours from green chili and coriander and the colours from the Yellow chili powder made it nothing but pure indulgence.

Hara Matar Kabab, Made with sauteed peas , had sweetness from the peas and subtle Spices.

Mutton seekh, another classic, but selection of spices and in house meat prepration makes the whole difference, as they melt in mouth, and finds a fan in me.

The assorted Momo on the menu, Pan fried, Steamed, Tandoori , all are very classic, as I mentioned, the complete game changer is the quality of the filling and the flavours.

In the mains The Bheege Kulche with Gurdaspuri Chicken,  burst of flavours, and the kulcha soaked and grilled in the masalas from the gravy.

I actaully refrained from taking a dessert, though they have some great  in house creations by Shivani Rastogi, the passionate, home baker, and travel blogger. The only reason was the mouthful of flavours which I refused to part with for some more time….

Publick is popular with the residents around for its Home deliverable food packs, and is also popular with families for an evening out, with its live band in the weekends.

So while we know that Big Surprises can come in Small packages ….I suggest do visit this one , and tuck in to its  food and flavours with gusto.