Coffee Conversations @ Champa Gali

Street Food culture is synonymous with Delhi, and find its mention as an identity to Delhi. Restaurants, Thelas, Hotels are seen growing in numbers by the day in our capital city at the rate that seems beating the rate of population growth. But there has been a sudden change in the socio culture scene in Delhi, which is slowly finding its place and creating a new face in the eating, meeting and tea  culture of the city.

Growing up years in the city saw simpler eating out options which were good enough to have a happy evening with family, despite a never changing menu, decor or fascinating names. Chatting over a cup of tea was common in the evening. Friends would meet and socialise in the most simplest forms. Loud music,fancy  spread of food, decor were more of celebration scenes from marriages not part of daily social culture.

I have seen the food culture in the city been taken over by the bombardment of Pubs, loud evenings and not so great food which is good to keep some happy , create selfie moments but miss on  a quite happy sit together which would bring smiles and memories at the thought of it.

Haus Khas Village came up as a happening place for artisans, craftsmen and designers to showcase their work and evolved as a beautiful street back in late 1990’s.

But the need of hour and ever growing food business converted it into a loud, food buzzing street, still very popular with all age groups.

There are many food streets in the city at the moment which emits a different vibe and have a uniqueness to them and attract different strata of the city, be it Purani dilli, or Amar Colony Cafes and eateries or Sector 29 Gurgaon.

In all this what I like to mention is we still have a group of people trying hard to keep the culture of meeting over a cup of coffee and some fruitful discussions or  appreciating the art and music or some quite reading corner where no one has a hurry to grab a table.

CHAMPA GALI is the not so new, secret street in the heart of the city housing many art lovers, artists and coffee lovers.

A few years ago an article on the couple trying to bring revolution in the  way Delhi population drinks coffee caught my attention . Chittranjan and his wife started their Coffee roasting project in this quaint corner of the city and now its a buzzing coffee destination as Blue Takoi. They have a lot more to offer than a common coffee drinker  can probably grab.

Their presence in this quaint street alongside Jugmug Thela a popular tea-ting place, makes it apt destination  for  meeting old friends and chatting for hours without any haste.

Another beautiful thing which the store owners are trying to maintain is a NO-ALCOHOL Zone. this would refrain it from making a loud party place out of sane artistic street.

With  just a handful cafes across the street and a reading room, beautiful backyards, an rustic charm brings a smile on your face and curiosity to explore each corner of the street  before you choose to settle down and connect with yourself or buddies. One can hear the sounds of chirping, and the silence is such that even the whispering discussions make sound.

The art of simple eveings and chats over a cup of tea/coffee  is returning with a modern twist of meeting over a cup of coffee at a street…