A Duty Free Experience ….Pub with a difference

The Duty Free experience

While the Pubbing culture is on all time high , and Sector 29, is a hub for Pub culture, Duty Free comes across as an casual dining place, with a pub setting at the first floor called Duty Free , and an open seating on the  roof with stylishly done Cabanas, and live band in the evenings, The Vayu Bar.

A menu which is extensive, and allows all kinds of taste buds to be demanding.  I can bet the menu would have something for everyone at the table, with no scope of controversies of choice.

Before we start the gastronomical journey at Duty free, the fact that the food is easy on pocket, which makes it appealing to partying without a pinch.  

The nibbles ranging below Rs 99/- , the extensive variety of  Fries below Rs 199/- the Mains go up  to Rs 399/-

At the Bar

Apart from the classic cocktails, the quirky  signature cocktails, served in a even quirkier way, would surely set you talking, and flaunting it on your  instagram story.

The gate pass, A cocktail of Gin, Raspberry, Vodka, and Apple, in grenadine, served on a shopping cart is what my colleague had. and my Hot toddy (due to a bad throat) kept me warm through the meal.

The Food

The nibbles are desi, yet modern , like  the Popcorn Jhalmuri, with flavours of mustard oil, and rice puffs been replaced by popcrn, and the nachos, with a spice punch, makes a great nibble, where you can’t stop at one bite.

Deconstructed  Banarsee Samosa Chaat, which reminded me of my daughter separating the aloo from the crust, is Chef’s take on how u can enjoy the crisp crust and the potatoe chaat in every bite with freshness from the tamarind saunth, and curd. I would have loved an extra hint of chili though.

If your taste buds are looking for an oriental light bite, try the Asian Noodle salad, a tangy, gingery, bowl of salad, with hint of lemon.

And for a freshness for taste buds or dieters, The Df signature fruit chaat with citrus orange dressing, and great choice of seasonal fruits makes a perfect option. I loved how the right dressing and choice of fruits just allowed the crunchiness in each bite, and if this was not enough the surprise nutty praline added a crunch.

The Dim sums lovers can get some delightful variants of Dimsums, like the Chili Asparagus, Mushroom Pokchoy Gyoza( pan fried dumplings), And the Kolkata style Chicken dimsums, which had bite of kolkata style curry chicken, was innovative, and so was the use of chestnut in The Crystal Chicken dim sum.

 The Baked Mongolian mushrooms with a crunchy outer coating brings a smile, as u bite in, because you know it’s not fried…and the spicy mince filling along with oriental spicy sauce did not let me stop at one, more so as my colleague is allergic to mushrooms, which allowed me to be carefree about sharing it with anyone.

Nacho Pizza is a fresh take on the thin crust Pizzas, with salsa , and  Mexican chili peppers, and Barbeque sauce, it was light and did not feel overloaded with cheese. A pizza which I would not mind eating as a meal.

 If small nibbles is not your kind of food, or you still are hungry for more, the carefully planned menu of meal bowls is just perfect. They derive inspiration from  Budha bowl.

Andhra fish with steamed Rice, makes a  fulfilling meal.

The Mediterranean meal bowl with Lavash, Couscous, and Cottage cheese in Mediterranean style curry, with Hummus, and Tatziki, makes a complete salad cum meal bowl. A  bit low on spices and very choice specific option.

The Asian Meal bowl, with choice of curry and noodles, is a delight for a person like me who would love it any day. With Kimchi on side and a fried egg on top, it makes a complete meal.

And  if a heavy meal is desired after long hours at the bar, The Dalcha Gosht served with laccha parantha in a khao suey style, is superb choice for mutton lovers, and a great regional choice on the menu.

The Jodhpuri parantha with greens and spices served with the tangy creamy Daal makhani  would just need your attention as each bite is worth an applause.

What I liked about each and every dish is, that they originality is maintained while an extra thought has been given to bring that personal touch by the chef.

The desserts on the menu, have something for every tatse, from Daulat kee chaat,which is light on texture and low on sweetness, with a crunch from the cookies on top,makes a good dessert to sum up the duty free experience.

Or if you are looking for any more excitement, The Fried casatta icecream in a blanket of Kataifi, brings it all. The pictures won’t lie as we polished it off despite declaring the lunch being over,  before it was served.

Duty Free brings a feeling of shopping at the best of prices at a  luxurious locale. Duty free means you get the best from across the world and best of the local under one roof.  What’s better than a Duty free experience leaving all the five senses on a all time high.

Wheelchair Non Friendly .
Ample parking.