How Nueva clean bowled me with tasteful decor, and gourmet menu.

  • Nomad
  • Shrimp Ceviche
  • Amouse Bouche
  • Filo Veg Pizza
  • Creole style Pork Belly
  • Mushroom Al Ajillo
  • Mallibu style Vegetables
  • Veg Aguadito
  • Sake Dragon
  • Pot stickers
  • Baked Salmon Fillet
  • Cinnamon Tiramisu
  • Andes Mountain

Nueva, new in every way and is already making waves with its own kind of presence which makes Sangam courtyard, a popular and most frequented destination by any food admirer.

Nueva, initially caught attention by the sheer fact that it is our favourite Cricketer Virat Kohli’s project, but with due course of time, the place started gaining popularity as it leaves an unforgettable  impression with super classy ambience and the luscious food.

The Ambiance

Usually, I am the last person to get influenced by a places environment, and concentrate on my food and feel in general.

Nueva, has created such a vibe about itself at the very first sight that I am bound to speak about it so that diners can carry an extra quota of admiration along with their appetite.

Its a calssy Schmick setting with Brass, Glass interiors and Leather seating with a spacious lower level apt for parties, and more allineate setting on the upper level for a more formal meal. The upper level a private dining space.

Loved the spiral stair case leading from lower level to the upper level, which just feels like very Italiano.

I also liked the view of the kitchen at the upper level, which makes it more lively and insta appealing.

The menu

While Nueva proudly associates with a menu planned by Chef Michael Swamy, the food stylist, renowned chef  and  writer, the legacy has been held strong by present corporate Chef Ashish Singh, who has elevated the level in his own expert way.

The extensive menu, with dishes, mapping best of food  from across the globe, like, South American Ceviche, to Pan Asian Sake and Pot stickers, European influence with Creole style Pork belly, Panini and Pizzas. With some of teh best ingredients chosen and sourced from the freshest closest points of produce, and great recipes, and an eye catchy presentation, the food at Nueva makes a show stealer.

These are just a few to set the rhythm.

The menu so extensive, that it’s difficult to be partial, so just go by the mood for the day.

The cocktails on the menu are equally impressive with Inca karri carrying bitter and sour notes, been my favourite, amongst many on the menu

Nueva is surely a food connoisseurs paradise and for those who like to take it easy just go by chefs recommendations.

The captivating menu ends at a high note with its elaborate yet simple desserts, with Andes Dessert been a talking point for quite some time with me.

Without revealing too much about the menu I would lie to list down my personal favourites from the visit, they are:

Veg Aguadito with glass noodles and oriental favours
Mushroom al ajillo Crispy Button Mushrooms with cilantro Chimichuri Brazilian braised Fava Beans with Red Rice Norwegian Salmon with garlic and mustard glaze Filo Garden Pizza Shrimp Ceviche

The parched is my favourite dessert from the menu with baked chocolate Rice parchment over a Chocolate mousse and chocolate noodles. Almost chocolate in every texture your senses can relate to !!

So next time when the cricket fan overpowers the foodie in you or vice a versa, head to Nueva, which is “THE” place for a world class food served in the most appealing settings.