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Gopalkala Janmashtami special Dish

Krishna is the closest to life, as an avatar of Lord Vishnu. Krishna and his childhood are lived in each Indian household with kids. Mothers see him in their little child. Most of us must have enacted as Kaanha/Radha in our school dramas. I also remember dressing CM now a young lad as Krishna ...

Jamun Raita/Java Plum Yogurt

Raita or spiced yogurt is a quintessential summer dish in Indian homes. It's the sour-sweet curd and the kind of spices or various add ons that create a new magic every time. In the regular household, Cucumber, or finely chopped tomatoes and onions are used to make routine affair Raita. We also ...

Navratra Special Sago vadas

My Navratra fasting is fun with each day it makes me explore a new taste and makes it a lioteral feast... .A new recipe gives such a soul satisfaction and  being a foodie its like a mission accomplished !! My today's delicacy for Navratra Fast  is Sabudana(Sago) Vadas served with whipped curd and ...