Instant Falsa Pickle

Falsa remains my childhood fruit. The stories are many, and all over my mind. Any post which has falsa or Jamun or mango revives my summers from childhood. Maa till now knew how this can bring a smile to my face. I call them priceless memories. This post came at a time when I was struggling to overcome the pain of losing her. A friend messaged me that how falsa reminds her of me every summer. This is so evident as I sing about these fruits all summer.

She instantly sent me boxes full of falsa. I was clueless about how to consume them quickly. This fruit has a short shelf life. So it’s best consumed in a day or two. This recipe comes to the rescue when u don’t have the heart to part with the fruit.

It is a quick recipe. The pickle is an appetiser and has a pleasing taste and sweet tangy flavours makes it everyone favourite. I am happy as it is received with same love as the fruit.

If u plan to make it especially, then make sure to grab some extra fruit. Enjoy popping some with black salt, make some falsa sharbat.