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Orange Soaked Grilled Chicken

One day my house help came excited and all happy with a basket full of tiny oranges. What made her gleaming smile noticeable was that she came screaming "hamare ped ke santre didi" ( Oranges are from our tree ma'm). This orange tree's existence as mysterious as my wish to make this post exciting !! ...

Andhra style egg curry

 Egg Curry # 1 ( Andhra style) Eggs are the most versatile ingredient in almost any meal of the day and in many cuisines. Egg curry is an easy  and quick meal curry. In my household it helps to break the monotony of daal ( pulses) and vegetable curry style dinners and comes to rescue on a lazy day. ...

Basic labenese humus

HUMUS !! It's a new rage and modern day comfort food. The best part u can get your experimenting gears on and do as u like it !This is the first and simplest in the series, sure to hook you on to it as it serves as a dip, spread and I like to eat it as it is when craving for flavours. humus has ...