Andhra style egg curry

 Egg Curry # 1 ( Andhra style)

Eggs are the most versatile ingredient in almost any meal of the day and in many cuisines. Egg curry is an easy  and quick meal curry. In my household it helps to break the monotony of daal ( pulses) and vegetable curry style dinners and comes to rescue on a lazy day. Delhi rains gives you enough of those lazy days and craving to eat some piping hot meal with an edge.

I usually play around with my egg curry to bring in a new taste to the table every time. I chose to make this Andhra style spicy egg curry for the meal today, and my kids are already building their appetite for a hearty dinner.

Andhra style of cooking carries  distinctive  flavour and one can titre the spice quotient to suit a pallette and still enjoy the cuisine.  Also many dishes refrain from using coconut for those who are averse to the flavour of coconut in south Indian style of cooking. I am big fan of this quick and easy curry and believe me you can surprise  your family anytime with this curry not much prepration and ingredients required.

Prepration Time 10 minutes

Cooking Time  15 minutes

Serves a family of 4


Skillet, Pan, Ladle


Eggs  4

Onions                                 2 large

Tomato puree   1/3 cup

Ginger Garlic paste   1Tbsp

Tamarind paste   1 tbsp


Mustard seeds  1tsp

Bay leaves 2

Curry leaves few

Dried Red chilies 2-3 broken

Red chili powder  2tsp

Coriander powder 3tsp

Cumin powder  1 tsp

Salt  to taste

Oil 4-5 Tbsp



  1. Boil the eggs ( 8 minutes after placing the eggs in boiling water). Peel and stir fry in 4-5 tbsp of oil. Traditionally we shallow fry the eggs but I prefer to place them in hot oil cover and let cook all over to develop a brown skin. Sprinkle a pinch of turmeric and chili powder over the eggs while doing so to enhance the flavor and appeal.
  2.  Chop onions fine or grate them.( I prefer chopped onions as they add texture to the gravy).
  3. Use the oil left in the pan after frying the eggs, heat it and add mustard seeds, bay leaves, curry leaves whole dried chili. Add onions ginger garlic paste after the dried spices are toasted. Cook it till just brown.
  4. Add tomato paste and powdered spices for and roast for minute.( If using fresh tomato cook longer).Add tamarind paste ( Extracted by adding hot water to a walnut size lump of dry tamarind and straining the pulp out )and 1 cup water and cook over low flame.

Note : Adjust quantity of the chili powder to suit your spice quotient

  1.  Add Salt to taste.
  2. Place eggs just before serving and bring to a boil. Garnish with chopped coriander and onion rings.

Accompaniment  Steamed rice, Chapatti, Parantha, Pao









  1. The recipe sounds really yummy. Written really well and in an interesting way(first para).
    Want to try it soon!!