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Coconut Crusted Beer Prawns

Party food, is all about mindful planning, churning out some quick easy recipes, which are tasty at the same time. I personally like to do this kind of on the go recipes, which can be just done in a few minutes. This particular recipe had always been made in a vegetarian version, with bread ...

Homemade easy Oats Granola

Granola brings to mind the sweet sticky bowls of cereals, which has gained popularity in recent times, due to our latest health freak attitudes and an easy pick for a busy lifestyle. But the major mistake I had been doing till recently, was to buy my cereals and granola, until, I decided to ...

Gujiya/ Sweet Empanadas

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKFh0DDOZDk Let's play holi, this year in the most beautiful way ever, with colours of love, blossoms from spring, and amazing feast from our own traditional kitchens... With the passing by winters and the onset of mild summers, and Annual  Exams around , the ...