Ganne ka Ras With a Twist/Easy HomeMade Sugarcane And Kiwi Non Alcoholic Summer Drink

Ganne ka Ras with a twist is the Sugarcane and Kiwi mocktail, which is a great combination of flavours and is a refreshing summer drink.

Ganne Ka Ras (Sugarcane juice ) is one thing, Everyone who knows me would definitely know my craziness for it.

Sugarcane and Kiwi Mocktail

My Naana,( maternal grandfather) owned a sugar factory, and as kids, we would spend our summer holidays at his residence next to the Crusher. I remember the caretaker would bring a huge container full of sugarcane juice in the afternoons.  It used to be such a treat. Piles of sugarcane and we will climb them up and carelessly just sip through our glasses while play break.

Sugarcane Juice vendor On the streets of Delhi

A sugarcane juice vendor would come to our neighborhood, and his bells from the cart sounded so inviting as if Santa has come riding on a sleigh… Just kidding, yes As a child and even now I was this fond of Sweet Sugarcane juice.

Sugarcane juice cart in the streets of Delhi


Even now Sugarcane juice is not readily available  around where I live, But any time I drive out for work, I look for the juice shops selling it. I stop by and though I need to be over careful about the cleanliness as this is one juice which has lots of discredits to itself due to the unhygienic ways it is extracted.

Having Ganne Ka ras ( Sugarcane juice )

None the less,  nothing can stop me from loving it. That hint of ginger and mint, with a dash of black salt, and overly sweet Sugarcane juice is what can make me smile even in the toughest of time.

Sugarcane juice is a bit extra sweet and sometimes those who don’t have a very sweet tooth or don’t like extra sweet things, stay away from it by default, and how can I let down my favorite Sugarcane juice in anyone’s world. So I decided to create this combination of Sugarcane and Kiwi, where Kiwi gives just the right amount of balance to the sweetness of Sugarcane, And of course the ginger and mint do their job at bringing out the best of flavors.

A dash of lemon Brings the tang to it. Served on the rocks This Sugarcane and Kiwi Mocktail Is sure to be your favorite these summers.

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Ganne ka Ras With a Twist/Easy HomeMade Sugarcane And Kiwi Non Alcoholic Summer Drink
Sugarcane and kiwi Mocktail Is a perfect balance of flavours, and very refreshing summer drink. The sweetness from the sugarcane is balanced by the tangy sweet Kiwi. Served chilled, it's a complete summer treat.
Course Drinks
Prep Time 15 Minutes
Course Drinks
Prep Time 15 Minutes
  1. Peel And Chop Sugarcane in very small peices
  2. Pass the sugarcane and ginger through a juicer.
  3. Now add Kiwi fruit (Peeled and Sliced) along with the extracted sugarcane juice and mint and blend in a blender)
  4. Strain and add Black Salt, and a dash of lemon juice.
  5. Serve chilled with ice.
Recipe Notes

Extracting sugarcane juice is no child's Play. You need a good juicer, Need to cut the sugarcane in really small pieces.

One can soak the pieces in drinking water to make them tender, before passing through the juicer.

These can be churned in a blender also and strained and squeezed through a muslin cloth.

You can choose to get the extracted juice, Nowadays there are many vendors with sugarcane juice machines which are hygienic. You get packaged juice also but I avoid it.

Add extra Kiwis if you do not like it too sweet. With this recipe, I Get a mildly sweet drink perfect to match my taste.

For another such unusual combination read my post on cucumber and celery drink.

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